I am a dedicated and passionate designer with a drive for excellence and a love of fashion, travel, fitness, food, interiors and style.


     Andrea is the creator of the Ruff Hewn Brand, she took it from a few pairs of jeans and a flannel shirt to a multi-million dollar business.  She designed all categories of merchandise…ladies, mens, kids, home, accessories, shoes & jewelry.  She has talent beyond design... sourcing, costing, merchandising & management.  She has high energy and an amazing work ethic. Andrea has a very special talent and personality.
-Jeanne Rankine, Former Vice President, Ladies Private Brand - Bon Ton Stores


    Andrea is an exceptional designer who identifies new fashion trends and interprets them into an inspired assortment.  She is relentless in her quest for emerging trends in style, color, fabric and trim details.  Her experience, knowledge, and attention to garment construction details, on all levels, elevates her designs to the highest level.  She can develop, strategize and execute new brands and classifications that successfully drive sales and profits.  Andrea’s expertise is evident whether in RTW, accessories, children’s, men’s or home.  These are all businesses she personally directed as creator and senior design director of our private brand.  Her commitment to building our largest and most successful brand resulted in over $76 M in sales.  Andrea is professional, articulate and driven to achieve the highest standards of product and performance.  She is truly an asset to any company or brand she associates with.
- Joyce Ryan, DVP Director Private Brand, The Bon-Ton Dept Stores


    I’m very pleased to recommend Andrea Sanderlin who has been working as Design Director at Bonton for many years.  I have worked with Andrea as a vendor for more than 10 years. I am so impressed by her great talent and strong leadership.  Not only has she been a key player at the Bonton, but she’s also become a close & personal friend.  Andrea’s skills and leadership qualities would make her an invaluable addition to any company.  Andrea has created 2 private brands: Ruff Hewn and Grey, which are the most successful brands at the Bonton Stores.  She treated her brands like her babies.  Andrea is always able to catch the most pop in market and put it into her product. She is so efficient and organized in her work. It would be my joy to have meetings with her in Shanghai all the time, as she is such a smart and a kind person.  She makes our job easy and successful.  Another key point is Andrea is full of inspiration and she how to work and communicate with vendors to make live products and turn them into great sales.  I would like to say Andrea is a great treasure to the company and give a high recommendation. 

- Sally Zhou, GMM, William E. Connor & Assoc., Shanghai, China


Andrea Sanderlin is hands down the best business partner I could have asked for during my 9 years at Bonton. Andrea is best known for her design vision that launched and defined the Ruff Hewn brand. Her enthusiasm, energy, design intuition, and creative strategy spans all aspects of the Ruff Hewn business; trend, color, fabric, silhouette, product design and development, all customer touch points and marketing. Andrea's creativity knows no boundaries; under her tutelage, Ruff Hewn became THE premier brand at Bonton. Her expertise allowed Bonton to maximize business opportunities in apparel, kids, accessories, shoes, and home. Andrea's talents and persona inspires and motivates those that work with her and for her; I am one of many that recommends her highly.
Karen Christensen
Former Divisional Vice President Casual Sportswear


    As a young designer just beginning my career, I was incredibly lucky to find Andrea as my leader & mentor at Ruff Hewn.  Andrea is a dynamic leader that pushed me to think in new ways and challenged me to be a better designer every day.  Learning the strategy & thought that Andrea put into building a brand has been one of the most valuable experiences in my career.  Andrea’s love of her work is obvious, but the extra care & passion for her team and their development is truly special in a leader.

- Mary Grein, Manager, Styling & Trend, Arden Companies

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